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Genius IQ person have a clear imagination and goal in their past and future. What image pops in your mind when you hear the term “self hypnosis”? The most common image is a person listening to a tape or mp3 or any such medium so as to get into a state wherein he can take all the suggestions given to him. This one does to give up habits like smoking, drinking etc.

But these kind of medium are very impersonal, in that they are generalized and not suitable to everybody’s needs. The images that they induce need not be what you prefer. For example, if you are a person who is susceptible to sunburns, the image of a relaxed walk on beach will be harmful to you.

Self hypnosis, in its truest essence, is designed by the person himself/herself. Each of us has individual desires hence it would be best to design such a program that best suits what one wishes to improve in or give up. If this is truly followed, this form of self hypnosis is the best form since you are being hypnotized by yourself only and not by any impersonal tape like medium.

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Hypnosis Program Customized

There are a number of methods to induce hypnotic state. One could use drugs, exploit sensory attention etc, but what is discussed here is hypnosis by spoken word. This is the most popular of all methods. Hence it requires to customize what would be told to that person – the common term being script. The words or language employed in the script can have a profound effect. It all depends upon the person.

Even though the language used in grammatically correct and all right jargons are in place, the person’s needs might not by in sync with it. There is no guarantee that the person would benefit from it. It has to be relevant to the person using it. A word that is absolutely irrelevant under normal circumstances might prove to be beneficial to the person using it. This is where the role of customized scripts comes in. Using words, images, people recognizable by the person is strongly advisable. The aim of the script is to create a meaningful experience for the person. Hence it is essential for the script to be in complete sync with what the person believes in and experiences on a daily basis. As cited earlier, the sunburn example might become a actor that totally drives the hypnotic experience into a totally different direction and fails the purpose.

Similarly, if an idea that is not accepted by the person is presented, it would be a waste of time and worse would be a situation if there are any side effects left by the message. If a person says, “I want to think about this thing using the inputs from the hypnosis script”, then we are on the right track. Brainwashing is a totally different concept. It is filling up someone’s mind irrespective whether one wants to believe it or not. Self hypnosis is never forceful. It is absolutely voluntary and should approve of ideas that are presented to him/her in hypnosis.

Having given insight into what custom hypnosis scripts should be like, we now examine what constitute the most common elements in the scripts, apart from the language and vocabulary. They are : minimum movement of the body, the power of visualization, and finally return to normal state of consciousness.

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The Hypnosis Elements

Keeping the body stable

Hypnosis aims at activating your inner personality, hence the physical body should be disturbed as less as possible. Progressive relaxation is what many scripts employ. This is to relax the muscles of the body starting with a group and then moving on to others. One function which the body cannot afford to stop is breathing. This, instead, can be used to relax oneself. Instructions of rhythmic long breathing help relax. To tell you the truth, this simple act of allowing oneself to be quiet might in itself give you an immense amount of genius iq relaxation, which you may have never experienced ever in your daily life.

Let all your visualization open up

This is very crucial, since this is the point where in you access your inner genius iq personality. The person can easily accept suggestions when he is deeply involved into imagination and is not connected to the surroundings and environment. This is what hypnosis aims at. Imagination is not bound by any laws. One can imagine anything. General tendency of any person is to imagine a place where he/she is most comfortable and would love spending most time in. As you start imagining, feel all your senses and make them a part of your imagination. Experience them with respect to the place you have just imagined and you will have an improved experience. Remember, you need to imagine anything usual or common stuff like a walk on the beach and other such situations. You are free to choose your genius iq imaginations.

Injecting Suggestions

Once you are totally into world you have imagined, it is now the right time to strike. Inject ideas into your brain. Though born in your brain, these ideas will be felt by you because you speak them aloud. There is a lot of help available on how these suggestions should be. The basic rule is – the suggestions have to be suitable and relevant to you. There are two kinds of suggestions – behavioral and philosophical. The philosophical ones deal with the “why” i.e. the motive or reason to do or feel some aspect. For example if you want to stop smoking, you would convince yourself that your family is dear to you, hence it is better for you to be healthy and so giving up smoking is the best thing you could do for your family. On the other hand, the behavioral suggestions are those related to what you feel and do. For example, if you want to quit smoking you could tell yourself that cigarettes feel and smell like garbage and you hate them to the core.

If you feel that categorizing suggestions is not essential then do away with it. Design a suggestion which you feel will be the most beneficial for yourself.

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One more category of suggestions are the symbolic ones. This is used to spark off a particular kind of reaction on seeing an object or a person or when experiencing particular emotions. For instance, imagine that you become nervous every time you have to do some important task. The suggestion you would use would be to make you calm and relaxed when you repeat the word ‘playful’ to yourself. Similarly, you could visualize any symbol or a person. Symbols, it has been observed, have a profound effect on our subconscious minds. If you are interest to know more about the subconscious, the articles from the Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages and Affirmations its all in one of this [[The Complete Guide To Genius IQ]]checkbox

Ending the Hypnosis Script

After you have successfully completed your suggestion session, you may come back to your earlier conscious state. You may also wish to enjoy the relaxed for a bit longer time. If you want to fall asleep after hypnosis, you can instruct your genius iq brain to do so and even program it to awaken at a certain time. For other sessions, you may want to regain your conscious state. The usual method used for this is reverse counting. This is giving the genius iq brain time to prepare itself. Examples of such scripts are,” now you will hear counting backwared from three to one. On the count of one you will awaken and regain your conscious state. So here it is….Three…Two…One. And now you are fully have a genius iq conscious and alert..


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