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Genius IQ have many definitions of intelligence, but the one I have learned in high school claimed that intelligence in nature is the ability of an animal or a human to use the information they have learned. I have also read about the idea that there are several levels of learning. The lowest level of learning, is just memorizing the material and being able to "regurgitate" it in the same term it was presented, and the highest levels of learning are the learning genius iq styles that use the material in other contexts, and the learning genius iq style that builds on top of the material learned.

For example, when you teach your child about addition, and he immediately understands the concept of subtraction. Or if you teach your child about the structure of the dinosaurs teeth in relation to their food, and your child looks at your pet and tries to guess the structure of their teeth, based on their food.

Well - you don't need to wait for your child to develop that level of learning by himself. You can develop this habit and way of thinking on purpose. Here are some examples:

If you have a baby, and you are looking for books to read to your baby or to read with your baby, choose for several books with related subjects. For example, if you have a book that tells a story about an animal ( a bear, a duck, whatever animals often appear in children's books), prepare another book that gives different information about the same animal. The child will associate the information in one book to the information in the other book.

For school age children: if you are helping your child with math, always find a use for the concept you are learning. For example: addition. Tell a story that demonstrates the use of addition: for example: "John went to the store to buy candy. He bought one bar of Snickers that cost him 1 dollar and 1 bag of Chocolate Kisses that cost 2 dollars. How much did he spend?

If you help your child with history, and the discussion is about a certain place, pull out a map and show him exactly where the place is, and learn something about the geography of this particular place.

You don't have to wait for your child to do some school activity. Whenever you discuss something, or observe something that calls your attention, when you come home find a piece of information about that subject in the encyclopedia, to read about. For example, you have taken your child to visit a friend, and you have heard that one of the friend's parents is a lawyer. When you come home, find a story about a famous lawyer, or some other bit of information about lawyers. Remind your child that the friend's parent is a lawyer, just like in the story.

In this way, you are developing in your child the genius iq habit of looking for a way to apply the information they acquire. To look for the association between different bits of information. To relate their knowledge to other fields and subjects. This is true genius iq intelligence.

The training to your genius iq brain need not be as rigorous as physical workout. “No pain, no gain” is not applicable in this case. If you want to reach a destination you always have two options. The harder one is to run and the other smart choice is to use a vehicle. Likewise, there are smarter tools available to train your brain. This article will tell you about tools which you can practice to hone your genius iq brain.

Simple techniques can sharpen your genius iq brain. If you want to invest and want to forecast your earning use a rule called “rule of 72”. You can use this formula to estimate in how much time you can increase your money by 100%. The rule is: divide 72 by the rate of return on your investment. The result will give you the time span it takes to double your money. It assumes compounding of interest and that you reinvest all interest again into the same.

Another useful rule is from the real estate advisors. They say not to pay for a property if it exceeds 100 times your monthly rent. Although, not a substitute for a more complex analysis, but it is an easy tool to take decisions. If a property costs 150 times your monthly rent, you need not even think twice before deciding not to buy it.

Mathematical formulas are not the only tool you have at your disposal. Make it a habit to ask simple queries. This many times helps you reap results quicker. Many comedians, use these questions and are able to produce better jokes.

A friend says that he feels immortal since he has children. The comedian would ask, “Detect what is the mistake in this picture?”.. Soon it dawns upon you that it indicates death. You answer that you wish to have immortality by not having to die.
Some other scenarios of comedian asking questions are : “ what happens if I drag it to the upper limit?”, “ What will this look to a dog?”, “What are the words with multiple meanings that I can use?” and many more.

There are a host of problem solving techniques you could use daily and gradually they become a part of your thought process. Do not take assumptions for granted. Always question them. You can use this to solve your personal problems, where there are lot of unknown assumptions.

There are 4 possible assumptions when your kids are squabbling over TV.
1. TV is a necessity.
2. Fight is the real issue.
3. Squabbling has to end.
4. It is none of your business.

Question these and you may get the following alternatives.
1. Restrict the access and use to TV or eliminate it altogether.
2. Improve your kid’s behavior.
3. Exit and just ignore their fight.
4. Give kids a week to solve their issues or else tell them that no access to TV will be granted to them.

There are simple rules for every activity we undertake and there are also rules that life makes us see. Using this will help us make informed and logical decisions. Always evaluate if any activity you did helped you move towards achievement of your goals or if there was a better way you could have performed a task.

Over a period of time, all of us cultivate habits which get ingrained in our genius iq subconscious mind. Just examine their need. We can easily train our genius iq to practice tips and techniques which will us become more efficient. Mental training of a basic level is only thing which we need to do for our genius iq mind.


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