Genius IQ Have A Puppet Master.

Genius IQ people who have read the various 'self help' books and similar subject book will be aware of the power called the genius iq 'subconscious mind' and how it controls all the thing that we do and experience. What is this unexplained being this 'other' you which keeps on a short leash and holds on with such an iron grip? 'Subconscious mind' refers to everything that going on in our genius iq minds which we are not consciously aware of.

This theory is not confined to a single kind of activity, it envelops a huge variety of actions rite from totally unconscious reflex routine that controls our essential body operations, also the activities that handle impulses from the body and senses and collects and recovers (remember) information, and also the definite free thoughts that carry on without us being aware.

The analogy that is apt is between the subconscious mind and a huge warehouse which is used to store all our experiences and the conscious mind being compared to a thin flashlight beam that can concentrate only on a tiny fraction of the huge amount of data which is in induced due to the communication and sensory inputs.

But now with the help of research and technologies like the brain imaging techniques we can get a more in-depth picture about the working of the brain. The brain imaging system that gives you results in real time are now allowing researchers to view the brain as it operates on a range of jobs. Thus giving us the ability to view real 'thoughts' as they happen, this is indicated by the lighting up of the different areas of the brain.

This kind of research has given us a new insight into the working of the subconscious mind. In specific that:

* There is no particular location or hemisphere of the brain associated to the ‘subconscious’ thought activities, but are found all through the genius iq brain,

* They are in no way connected to the normal consciousness, and carry on their activities in the lack of conscious awareness,

* The amount of conscious activity only uses about 15-20% of the mental processing, while the remaining of the activity is done by the subconscious.

The ONE within You

Thus what we have learnt is that the conscious mind- the part of the brain that is reading and making sense of this article, is just a small brain which is a part of and within and managed by the bigger system called the subconscious mind.

If you look at it, the automatic unconscious activities that keep the body functions going and understand the inbound sensory data are not a part of the subconscious mind but are definitely under the control of the subconscious mind.

The real description of the subconscious mind would be a thinking tool that is totally separate form the conscious mind and in effect is stronger than it and has its independent thought process.

If you examine the physical brain, the brain tissues related to the subconscious mind are actually apart from the conscious mind’s function areas (which are seemingly placed in the frontal lobes of the human brain) and consist of a huge numbers of really fast neural connections running all through the brain. Thus the subconscious mind has got access to a whole range of processes which the conscious mind can’t even touch. So comparing it to a supercomputer wouldn’t be wrong. A supercomputer that has huge amount of potential and which can control all the ‘automatic’ functions so that we can stay alive, it also has additional responsibility to manage and control the brain, which includes the areas that generate the ‘consciousness’.

If any person has not come across this notion earlier, it can really be a scary situation. To find out that you are not the person who is in control of yourself and all that you do and attain is in effect carried out at the instructions of a being that lies within and that possibly may possess totally dissimilar aims and intentions from your own.

Now there is no need to be scared, because the subconscious mind is not an 'alien', nor is it distinct from us. It was created at the same time that we were and will be with us our entire life and will pass away when we pass away. It is in fact our true self; it is our personality, habits and beliefs. It not only ensures that we carry out our basic functions like eating, drinking, sleeping and other biological essentials we have come into the world with, it also takes care of the skills we attain as we mature (like talking, walking etc).

The Subconscious processes also tell us what all things are dangerous and that we should stay away from it, like heights and possible unsafe creatures (snakes) and also makes us automatically respond when we are physically endangered (for example speeding car).

But with the good processes comes that bad. The subconscious also collects lot rubbish that results in improper fears, feelings and other behaviors that are either not good for us or, conflict or hinder with the conscious wants and needs. This can also result in to physical materialization like illness, awkwardness, obesity etc.

However there are people, very few in number, specially from the well to do area of the society that are fortunate to build up positive internal programs. They are more often than not confident and outgoing; have the benefit of wealth and success, and also lead rich, fulfilling lives, they are likely to gain success in any fields they decide to enter. Meaning they expect nothing but success and also don’t doubt themselves, and that is what their subconscious minds make certain they obtain.

But we are all not that fortunate. This is because most of the internal directives that are written and that make up our lives are immaterial garbage. It is all made up of unconstructive remarks made by others, especially during our childhood. But the way the subconscious mind works is that it takes in all the perceived experiences, regardless how useful, logical or accurate it is , and stores it away and uses it to define the system of inner 'beliefs' used by it to guide our lives.

What this means is that our conscious efforts to do things like losing weight, and to stop smoking, and being more confident, or any thing else, will not be successful against our subconscious minds direction, unless we get assistance. So if we try to change our habit using our own willpower, it will mostly fail because our genius iq subconscious minds will always interrupt anything that falls out of the limits that has been set.

So if you think about it, all of us are bound by the limits put up buy our genius iq subconscious mind, and we have no idea about it….
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