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Genius IQ person has a certain set of principles, ethics, habits, personality which we have cultivated over a period of time. Ever wondered we develop all the above traits? Each second we are bombarded with information in all forms. Our senses observe many of them, and some get registered in our conscious mind. But the rest doesn’t get wasted. It is the subconscious mind that stores it and these influence us and play a very significant role in shaping up our habits, personality and skills. So what you are today is a result of what your subconscious mind has stored.

We observe a lot of things in our life, but not all information is useful to us, some of it is bad. The ratio of positive to negative feelings is very high as high as 1 : 20. Though we are not conscious of these, our subconscious mind registers all the information since it takes everything to be true. Many of these thoughts also make us underestimate ourselves and limit ourselves to trying only thing we are comfortable with. This shapes us what we are today and what capabilities we believe in. We will always be subjected to good and bad experiences and we can control the amount of influence they have on us. When we limit ourselves to our “comfort” zone, it is indicative of the fact that we are having a high influence of our thoughts which bar us from realizing our full potential. This hampers our creative skills and out of box thinking to a very huge extent. It is very much necessary to overcome these negative influences in our personality if we ever want to taste success.

Human being is different from every other living thing on the earth because we are endowed with a unique feature – that of thinking. But this has the potential to be our best buddy and even the worst of all enemies. What you think largely shapes up your life. We are never bound to adhere to a some predetermined set of values, ethics and culture. We are free to try out all new things and then think over to select some and reject some. The most value adding investment is on oneself. This investment should be such that we become more proactive, creative, inspired, perfectionist and confident to list few of the many possible positive traits.

The subconscious mind is not a new concept at all. Its been a subject of huge research for more than a century now. A number of studies and researches have been conducted to understand fully the human behavior. Hypnosis was a technique which became popular and known in the 1800s. It is from this time that we became our mind that in addition to the conscious intake of input we are also capable of responding to audio, visual stimuli which is below the threshold of conscious brain – or in other words we can respond to subliminal stimuli too. Subliminal – the literal meaning is below (sub) the threshold (limen) ie below the limit of our conscious mind. It is a very self explanatory term. Computers and technology have been very helpful to discover new traits about this subliminal phenomena. A thorough understanding of bio computer has also helped light some light in the dark and mysterious arena of the subconscious.

Nevertheless, we should be cautious to take the meaning at its face value. Science does help us explore the unknown, but the solutions that it presents can be far reaching then anyone can estimate. So a one word to such a phenomena cannot convey the entire gamut of value it has. Hence to comprehend any aspect entirely, examine the basis on which the research or study got triggered. For example, Einstein as a young guy had a strange question,” What would it feel to be riding on light?”. The answer to such seemingly innocent questions was the theory of relativity, which till date has been a source of immense research by countless people in the world.

Subliminal messages are similar phenomena. Its discovery was trigerred by a simple quest to find some means so as to realize the potential of our minds. Subliminal communication has existed from time immemorial and was known to many , particularly the musicians. The military band is perhaps the best example anyone can cite for subliminal messaging. Napoleon always said that he would prefer a good drummer to be with him on a battle field rather than two regions of his army.

It is the advertising world that is believed to be the pioneer in using subliminal concepts for practical purposes. But it came to the fore only in 1958 – through James Vicary’s experiment. An experiment was conducted for a period of six weeks during which people watch Kim Novak in the movie Picnic, at Fort Lee, New Jersey were subjected to flash messages displayed on the theatre screen. This messages conveyed them to eat popcorn and drink Coca- Cola. The results were astounding. The sales of Coca cola and popcorn had increased by 18 and 55 per cent! But the degree of influence was not uniform. People who never ate them, could not be influenced.

If you want a study that has been well written in a structured manner I would recommend you Wilson Bryan Key. He holds a doctoral degree on subliminal concepts. The most common occurrence of subliminal image are the ice cubes in the alcoholic , specifically, whiskey ads. Another example is the word “Sex” embedded in the beard of Lincoln on a 5 dollar currency note.

Subliminal advertising is banned in the US. There are specific norms framed so as to discourage anyone from using subliminal messages. While we can be vigilant towards things that are visible and audible, we cannot be certainly sure about monitoring things like music, color and the fragrance. To illustrate for color, Chinese restaurants use a lot of red while designing the ambience. Red is known to stimulate hunger, hence useful for any restaurant. A department store uses a variety of fragrance, which also is a powerful means to communicate subliminal messages.

Subconscious learning is nothing mysterious. It is a very simple phenomena, one which explores our natural skill to learn new things. Numerous studies published have unambiguously stated that subliminal techniques can benefit us in various fields. Professional from all fields sports, music, films , ad employ them for their own benefit. Successful sportsman knows that the biggest enemy is yourself and you need immense psychological will to subdue it. They are good, but they have to strive and struggle very much to make themselves believe the same. A careful combination of our conscious mind with our subconscious counterpart is a must. Alongwith it we also need immense personal strength, patience and perseverance. Never get distracted from the goal. We are sure to benefit from the subliminal techniques provided we use it in the right way.

Subliminal Treatment Procedures, a study published by professor Paul G. Swingle, PhD, lecturer of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and University of Ottawa is a must for all clinicians. He has written it in a manner which leaves all inspired. He has been very meticulous in his research on this topic. It is a bold step and has become a standard on which future research can be based on. I call it bold because it challenges the common belief of the psychological community that our attitude is never influenced by subliminal methods. This book, nullifies all the claims and allegations hurled on the subliminal learning. He has done a great job in bringing subliminal learning to the core of psychology.

Subliminal messaging is an integral part of our day to day life. There are variety of modern methods and tools available to help us learn the subliminal techniques. This should be incorporated in our regular educational curriculum so as to develop a personality of each individual. Teaching the regular courses when combined with subliminal techniques to inculcate regular habits and discipline can be helpful to a person in the long run.

It is very much possible to combine the two techniques. It is high time that we all adopted this method and benefited from them. Many universities and colleges have even raced ahead in implementing these subliminal methods in their teaching methodology. But the most important source than a student can derive help from our parents. Today, over a million students in the US use these techniques to form postitive attitudes and enhance their scholastic and athletic scores.

You need not be induced into a state of trance or practice meditation to use subliminal techniques. Audio cassettes and CDs are one of the best sources to use them. Play them in your car, office, anywhere comfortable and you can reap the benefits. They are beneficial and will not any way affect your daily routine.

The most powerful way to influence your subconscious for self-help and self hypnosis purposes is, definitely, visual subliminal messaging. There are a lot of programs based on subliminal messages in the Web, the most powerful for today is Subliminal Flash, that displays subliminal messages on your computer screen (duration of every separate message is not more 10 milliseconds, but your subconscious mind is able to notice and accept new objectives that are being sent to it every second).

Thinking is our most valued ability then next most valuable asset is our freedom to choose anything. Today is the age of quantum change and hence we should use these two most valuable assets in our life at every possible instance. Always equip yourself with some very vital skills. Acquire as diverse abilities as you can, so that if any of the existing avenues of success fail, we can quickly switch over to other avenues, rather than being left behind in this world of competition.
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