Increase Your Genius IQ Brainpower By Physical Exercise

Have you ever wished you had stronger willpower? Its came from the power of your brain.How can you make yourself stop doing things you don't want to do? There are ways, and the first thing to do is to redefine the concept of willpower. It's hard to resist temptation sometimes, isn't it? That piece of cake calls to you. What's the simple answer to this? Don't stand in front of the cake! Don't go to the bar alone if you want a faithful marriage. Don't have whiskey in the house if you don't want to drink it. Stay away from people that lead you to trouble. Its a genius iq to to have the the brain power to and get your genius iq willpower.

People often have this idea that willpower must mean being immune to temptation. What if true willpower is not only the ability to say no, but the wisdom to avoid temptation? Become aware of where your resistance is low, and don't put yourself in those situations. Doesn't that make more sense than fighting useless battles with yourself?

There will be times when you didn't choose the situation, of course. Or at least that's the excuse you'll use. What can you do then? Try these tips:

1. Immediately begin to imagine the consequences of your actions. Give yourself a good scare, if you have to.

2. Substitute temptations. Quickly get a glass of your favorite juice or soda if you don't want that beer.

3. Ask for help. If you can't stop complaining, for example, have friends point out when you are doing it.

4. Relax. Willpower is low when you are stressed. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

5. Energize yourself. Willpower tends to go up and down with energy levels. Sleep well, play energetic music, move around, or start an interesting conversation.

6. Find the cause of the temptation, and deal with it. A boring job or life can lead you to all sorts of stupid ways to find "excitement." Consider changing what you can change.

You can call it willpower, or self control, or something else. You just want to stop yourself from doing harmful things, right? Using the techniques and tips here will help. Instead of the willpower, its more important thing to increase your genius iq mind. Its a brain power.

There are many physical exercises you can do to help you to increase your genius iq brain power. However, to increase your genius iq intelligence permanently will require certain permanent shifts in your lifestyle and thinking. This article is an introduction to "physical" training where your brainpower will increase as your fitness does. Below you will find some helpful tips to successfully implement this part within your overall brain training program:

1. Physical exercise is an excellent way to improve the overall function of your nervous system and brain.

Not only does a better circulatory system lead to increased blood flow to the brain, but it also leads to a widening of the arteries which provide blood to it. The effects of this is that artery widening through carbon dioxide flow is permanent, so your brain will be able to take on new resources permanently through exercise.

2. Train towards a particular genius iq goal.

There should be a particular mental peak which you are aiming at, and you should implement a training program in order to reach this genius iq goal. Goal setting is important, because it allows you to operate at your peak and get the required work done. This is how physical efficiency is created, so that you have mental efficiency as well.

3. Focus on physical exercises & sports you like and which will get your heart pumping.

You can choose anything from athletics, aerobic, team sports, solo running to swimming. These will help you to improve your spatial intelligence, perception, hand to eye movement co-ordinating, acuity, concentration and mental alertness. Sports which are particular re-knowned for increasing intelligence are running, rowing and under water swimming. Stay away from sports which are violent as this could lead to potential mental problems and disorders later on.

4. Be consistent in your training program.

Our objective is not to win the Olympics. Our objective is to increase our genius iq intelligence and IQ by increasing our health. This means doing a moderate level of activity on a consistent basis. After a while, we will no longer need to train at all, because the permanent changes we are looking for will have taken place. A consistent program would be one you have followed for at least 6 months. The intelligence increase after this time will be both noticeable and permanent. This is because you have managed to widen your arteries sufficiently to make the enhanced links to your genius iq brain permanent.

You can expect a 10-15 Genius IQ points increase from regular exercise and training. This is well worth it because it's easy and can quickly fit in with your lifestyle. After 6 months, you can continue with your genius iq training program for the health benefits if you so wish. You want to know more about how to increase your genius iq? You can get it as below...
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