The Power Of The Genius IQ Subconscious Mind

Everything in this universe, include success, fail attraction and subconscious mind governed by law. The law of your subconscious genius iq mind is the law of belief. In this situation, many self-help books and motivational gurus talk about the power of belief. The general message they are trying to put across is basically what Napoleon Hill had said, "What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve". What about you guys? This is your subconscious genius iq mind power.

Is it true that everything your mind believes can achieved or it is just some kind of motivational lie? This was the question I asked myself after reading several self-help books and attending several success seminars. I also asked questions like "what if I happen to be the unlucky one" or "what if I'm not destined to be successful". Connecting to the subconscious mind is the key to increasing all of your mental abilities.

The subconscious mind is basically the underlying mental foundation which is responsible for your thought and behavioral way of doing things. It is always in operation and has the most influence over your mental development and Genius IQ level.

The Power Of The Subconscious

People who have immense intelligence have simply increased the link they have with their subconscious mind. The subconscious has

1. An immense ability to process information

2. Can easily solve any mental problems

3. Has unwavering focus and attentive ability

4. Creates all the content in our thoughts

5. Is responsible for our beliefs about things

6. Allows us to use sounds, smells, tastes, vision and feelings ie to sense

7. Allows body movement

In other words, you would not be alive if your subconscious mind did not exist. It is an absolutely fundamental component of your mind and so cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Basics Of Increasing The Subconscious Link

Since the subconscious allows the 7 things above, we can use any of those 7 things as a means to increase the subconscious link. In other words:, you can increase the subconscious link by:

1. Physically acting in a certain way

2. Thinking about things in a certain way

3. Using mental techniques

4. Controlling your feelings in a certain way

These particular ways are fully explained in in our guide, but intermittent techniques and tips are lettered throughout the Articles Database. The result from correct application will be:

1. Increased creativity

2. Increased intuition

3. Increased memory

4. Increased focus, concentration and direction

5. Increased mental and physical productivity

6. Increased problem solving ability

7. Increased insight into a situation

8. Increased emotional, mental and physical control

These are all hallmarks of increased genius iq mental ability. We use our genius iq conscious mind power to conceive an idea, but our genius iq subconscious mind power to attract the result. Most people do it otherwise. They use their conscious mind to pursue the result, which often result in stress and worries. That's the difference between using your genius iq conscious mind power and your genius iq subconscious mind power.

Here is a good analogy of what your subconscious mind is like. Your subconscious mind is like the hard disk in a computer, and what your see on the computer screen is your reality or your genius iq life.

Ask yourself, where does the information on the computer screen come from? It must come from the hard disk, right? If the computer screen is showing your reality, then where does your reality come from? From the above analogy, it must come from your genius iq subconscious.

What it means here is your reality or the life you are experiencing now is actually a reflection of the beliefs in your genius iq subconscious mind. Many people change from one job to another, but realize that they are still getting the same problem everywhere they go. What they don't understand is that instead of changing the external circumstances, they should change their inner beliefs. Once their beliefs change, they will be attracted to new people, new jobs and the world around them will change according to the new beliefs in their genius iq subconscious mind.
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