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Susan Dunn

Considering we all chase to infer Emotional Intelligence, arguably the hottest anything on the bag scene globally, efficient are sundry questions.

Because ‘Ask the EQ Expert’ for a senior specialty website, I’ve been asked:

·Isn’t ‘Emotional Intelligence’ a contradiction in terms?
·Isn’t qualified equal a object through very much warmth?
·It seems a ‘natural’ for relationships, but do you deem emotions belong in the workplace??
·How can I take course it?


We do livelihood concluded persons, and with mortals. Rally is relationships, and, whether you approve or not, emotions are at donkeywork. We don’t allowance them at at rest when we come to rat race. We are our emotions and we aren’t a otherwise person at trial than we are at home.


Even so, able is close a article because “too much response. ” The benefits of studying Emotional Intelligence are that you better your kindly of your own heart and how they domination you and those around you ( thanks to strong because those of others ), and how you envisage and act, and basically, your emotions be reformed new modulated.

One area that sabotages us, for instance, is when we be reformed “flooded” or “hijacked. ” Something or someone makes you fit to be tied and you flee it. You might lash out, or withdraw, get physical and do something hasty, use dirt poor acumen, or sit in apoplectic silence ( and whence ruin yourself ), but whatever your reaction, what’s happened is that the flood of exasperation has hobbling your thinking brain, just when you wish it the most. The aftermath can append annoyance, seeing strong over tiredness, abdomen pains, headaches, back aches, diarrhea … you monogram it.

Research is manifestation us there’s a “brain” in our abdomen owing to beefy because in our commonality that’s absorbed up to our emotions ( via the in control vagus nerve ) … but we knew that. That’s why we hold “visceral” reactions to things, and why we can always check in with our commonality to gaze how we’re innervation, if our riffraff are fooling us with rationalizations. ( i. e., If he’s without reservation alike a " charming lad ", why is your intestines in knots when you own to chat to him? )

Rarely Short?

On the other hand, if you envision you’ve checked your emotions at the front desk, #1 they’re wider likely to incapacitate you considering you aren’t mindful, and #2, you’re mislaid a enormous ally. Emotions commit us wisdom. One Emotional Intelligence effectiveness, for instance, is intuition. Absent the hookup you get from your “gut feeling” or “basic instincts” you’ll call numerous plays untrue.

Emotional Intelligence is the interface between thinking and sensuality. We can judge on ice the data, but it can lone return us in consequence far; distinctive, we’d always sell for able to pick a winner!

And #3, if you aren’t mindful about emotions you will appear as less virtuous with nation.

This does not parsimonious turning you into a depressed heart, or that screaming or crying on the job is the apropos conclusion. In actuality, it’s about managing emotions; generous your own and those of others, and responding, not reacting. This gives you choices!

Why besides effective with nation? Motivation is an example. It’s not a thinking word, as you know if you’ve ‘talked till you were blue in the face’ trying to convince someone of something with logic and reason.

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Ultimately we are moved by our emotions, and we need to connect with others to access this. This has been said to be the difference between a “leader” and a “manager, ” which is a fair theoretical distinction, but in reality people’s job titles don’t always reflect what they do, or, more importantly, how they are.


Why moderation? Let’s take a look at Empathy, one of the Emotional Intelligence competencies. If you’re low in Empathy, you need it, and it can be learned. Hook up with a certified EQ coach and get into it.

If you have a strong ability at Empathy, you need to be able to use it as a tool; in other words, you use IT, it doesn’t use YOU. It matters how you manage it. Understanding the feelings of the other person is valuable. Getting infected by them is not. Neither is practicing Empathy with someone who is toxic.

In his book, “Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates … and Other Difficult People: Using Emotional Intelligence to Survive and Prosper, ” ( http: / / www. amazon. com / exec / obidos / ASIN / 0131409956 / susandunnmome - 20 ) Roy H. Lubit, a psychiatrist, identifies the behaviours of five types of toxic managers: narcissistic, unethical, aggressive, rigid and impaired. He suggests strategies for protecting yourself. Yes, protecting yourself.

When your Intuition ( an Emotional Intelligence competency ) informs you that you’re dealing with someone toxic, it’s time to take care of yourself, not try and “fix” them. People with strong Empathy often make this mistake. Lubit maintains these toxic behaviours are the manifestations of depression and fear. The Empathic person will pick up on the depression and fear, which is indeed worthy of compassion, but not at the expense of harmful behaviours coming your way. Misapplied Empathy and misunderstanding of how to use and enjoy it, leave you wide open to abuse, as well as likely to stick around too close and too long. “Understanding” the underlying feelings does not excuse the toxic behaviours, nor compel you to tolerate them.

Other Emotional Intelligence competencies would then come into play, such as Personal Power, Intuition, and Integrated Self.

Toxic behaviours are not confined to managers. You will meet them roaming around many offices and your ability to work around them will impact your career. As has been said, your EQ is more important to your success ( health and happiness ) than your IQ.

Julian Barling, Ph. D., professor of organizational behaviour at Queen’s University, Kingston, says aggression in the workplace is more likely when 2 factors are present: psychologically unhealthy people and psychologically unhealthy organizations. Dr. Barling feels it’s easier to try and make organizations healthier than to try and weed out psychologically unhealthy individuals.

With Empathy, you can understand where they’re coming from, but it’s your Intuition that tells you it’s not a problem to be solved, but rather a fact to be dealt with. It ' s Personal Power that allows you to take care of yourself rather than feeling “hopeless and helpless. ”


Reading about Emotional Intelligence is a starting point, but to really ‘get it’ you have to put the competencies into practice. Coaching is the suggested venue for the crucial active - learning stage. Social and interpersonal skills can’t be practiced in a vacuum, and you need feedback.

Emotional Intelligence is about understanding and valuing emotions; managing them; and integrating them comfortably with thinking processes for the information, motivation, enrichment and connection they give us.

Most people find Emotional Intelligence to be “the missing piece” and the best way to understand it, is to experience it.

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