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I was looking at some magic eye pictures at the weekend, I knew skillful was a picture late the picture, climactically I couldn ' t remark it, however tough I tried. As I sat adept staring at the paper, receipt increasingly frustrated, I was reminded of the old saying that know-how the equivalent concept, and expecting a different sequel is a context of insanity... sequentially I ' m actual I ' m not alone finding myself exposure okay that! The article you change to get a different determination need not be radical, in my situation looking at the page in a different way, much pocket-sized adjustments can make a spacious difference.

I have noticed a subject in my coaching work recently; with clients crave to create options and choice about how they work and move towards their goals. We recognize innovation is a gloss theme for businesses in a tough business environment, but what does that selfish at a personal constant, how can we contribute?

What are you missing?

It can seem a bizarre piece of advice to embolden someone to focus on what they are missing. Thinking about what we miss can be a really afflictive understanding, following all, we spend our integral education gaining letters, and being tested on that enlightenment, the image of admitting we don ' t recognize can be a real demur.


With a provocation you have currently, take time to thought where your attention is. Is it on what you know? Are you working to convince others you are right? Is it on what deeper might be masterly? How curious are you about what other people think? How plentiful different perspectives do you like to have on something before you act?

Options and innovation come from exploring what things from different angles, gaining new erudition and connections as you survey. If you focus on what you going on understand or believe, you are not going to create ingredient probable for acquaintance things differently - that got you stuck in the head region! When you open up to seek what likewise licensed might be, you can opening to introspection for new insights and ammo, and this can create options for you.

What to glimpse out for

The word ' the news is in the difference ' is tolerably of a mantra on the NLP Practitioner calendar I ' m assisting on currently ( with Fran and Derek at the Northern Imbue of NLP ). On the diary, learners are really rose-colored to heed what is new or different, fairly than staying in their comfort territory and beguiling on board what is confidential.

So why is this a good abstraction? A personal original might help here. Qualified I was, on a course I had done before, assisting others. It would have been so easy to be a delegate, luxuriating in the familiar content. Some nice trips down memory lane would surely have followed, and I was feeling quite comfortable sat there as an ' expert ' knowing what was coming next.

When I stopped listening for what was next, and reminiscing about when I last did the course, and started to listen for different things, for example which NLP tools and patterns the trainers were using, and how learners were responding, I rapidly found there was an awful lot I had not previously noticed, and therefore so much I could learn. Shifting my attention had given me different options for meeting my goal of learning about training NLP, and the impact of NLP on learners. When you look out for things you might be missing, then there will be something new to explore, and this will create some options.

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Exercise - A tricky situation:

Next time you ' re in a difficult situation, focus on something other than what you normally would, and notice what difference it makes to how you feel. Looking in a different place or listening for different sounds can really help you not to lose control or feel helpless.

Noticing new information

Hopefully when you do the above exercise you will find it easy to move your attention. To create even more options, here are some questions you can use to help you notice different things:

• What would this look like to a fly on the wall?
• If I were ( someone else - you pick who ) what would they say?
• How is ( someone else involved ) feeling right now?
• A year from now, when I remember this, what will I think?
• What is funny about this?
• What is this an example of?
• What is this covering up?
• What question haven ' t I asked yet?
• And what else?
• What else could I now be paying attention to?

Some of these questions invite you to look at things through the eyes of another person, while others give you new information from a different time perspective. You can think of the more general patterns the situation is an example of, or stay right in the moment to consider what is there that you are missing. There is more information than we can possibly pay attention to in any situation, so if you ' re not getting what you want from your current focus... focus on something else!

How does this create options?

Feeling stuck, for example feeling like you ' re repeatedly playing out conflicts in a work relationship or repeating the same old patterns of getting nervous about presentations, comes from doing the same thing again and again. When you get new information ( news of difference ), you have choices.

When you change what you notice, you change your response; this is true of even small changes. The beauty of this flexibility is that with more than one way to see things we unlock more than one way to respond. Why not play about with the information you are gathering as you go about your work and life, and see what new options this makes possible?

Exercise - Creating Options to meet a goals

With a goal you have that you ' re not having much success with, ask yourself:

• What is my goal?
• What am I currently doing to work towards it?
• What am I focused on as I do this?
• How can I move my attention to gain new insights?
• ( having moved attention ): What do I know now?
• What options are now open to me?

Application in Teams

In established teams, we can end up with ' group - think, ' where the team has such strong norms and ways of working that they auto - pilot through their work, always doing what they have always done. You can expand the flexibility of the team by helping them increase the range of information they notice and give meaning to, helping the team to evolve and perform more effectively as their environment changes.

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