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Here is another very important finding from what i read in my the best friend Genius IQ Project.

There are really one and only two kinds of talent: natural and acquired. Lots of people toss about expressions want skill, knowledge, competency, aptitude and a hundred other descriptors for someone's ability to do something well, but in the end they all slow down to one of these two categories.

Natural Genius IQ Talents: are your innate ability to do something, your natural endowment or aptitude. The key word here is natural. These talents can be physical, as in Lance Armstrong's remarkable lung capacity (a physical talent due to his anatomy and physiology) or they can be mental as in Anthony Robbins' ability for speaking and engaging lendees through sayings (a mental talent due to his incredibly high empathetic ability to sense other's emotions and needs). The expected talents he was troubled with in that study are sole those mental ones. Natural (mental) talents are examples of underlying thought and decision-making overly you were either born with or that you matured actually early on in your formative years. Natural talents are the result of your own quality neural networks and how your brain works. Based on your genetics and the way your brain is structured you are naturally good at seeing certain things, additonally you may be completely blind to a large amount of aspects of reality. Those things you see clearly are your natural talents and those conditions that you do not see clearly are your non-talents. We all have our own unique mix of these two.

The differences in how our genius iq brains perceive reality are how cause one person to have a natural talent for strategic thinking and long range planning, additonally another inhabitant would be horrible at thinking that far in advance. Conversely, that person who sucker astronomical at long-range planning may be great at seeing the details of the moment and so both people are equally talented in life, easily for different aspects of life. Your set of innate talents is unique to just you. In the general world, no two buyers possess the precise same set or quality of natural talents.

Your natural genius iq talents are furthermore fixed and do not adjustment still within the duration of the lesson of your life, so it is important to understand the sites you have very just while you will not be developing any more. This permanence aspect is acutely important because it makes the old "nature versus nurture" argument over at which these talents appear from faintly irrelevant. Regardless of that part of the argument you fall on, the end is the same. Your innate talents are what they are and properties are not prepared to adjust very much anytime soon.

If you believe the nature theory, that argues which your genetics controlled these types of types of talents, when that happens the point is moot because you can't change your genes; you got destined to think and produce decisions the way you do before you got even born. If you are in agreement the nurture camp, that argues the current the social and environmental influences you experienced in your childhood controlled the development of these types of talents, the point is equally as moot when you will not go back and change your upbringing.

The height is this; natural talents are essentially stable tendencies that your genius iq brain has developed for idea and making decisions, and whether these kinds of tendencies have carried on with you for your general life, or just most of your life, we know based on data from exploring and experience that they are not something you can easily develop in conscious effort (e.g., reading a book, or training or meditation).

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Acquired Talents: unlike likely talents, are those talents that we can bring in or develop. These are the knowledge and experience we gain across life. The old client who doesn't possess a natural talent for empathy may become, during a plethora of reading and training, quite competent at being sensitive to other's needs. The person who isn't naturally superb at seeing the big strategic view may have taken classes on strategic planning and through life experience has become somewhat proficient in long-range planning. The key is overly while a person might improve the ability, or augment it, within acquiring knowledge and experience, if it is not a natural talent for them, they might never be a genius iq at it.

The sales person who learns the technical steps of the sell and the features, functions and assistance of the product properties sell has one form of an acquired talent for selling. The accountant who has the knowledge of math and accounting principles has an attained talent for their work. The airline pilot who has learned the principles of flight and aerodynamics and how to master the physical aspects of piloting a plane has an obtained talent for flying. The differences between received and usual talents, however, are significant, and having one without the other will never deliver 5th level performance.

The dealings person who has acquired knowledge and encounters only has one part of the picture, but if he does not possess the natural talents for being aggressive, persistent or empathetic as opposed to all that acquired talent is for naught. Because he isn't aggressive enough he won't apply the steps of the sale when he needs to. Because he is not persistent enough he is innate to not get past the gatekeeper to lingo to the key decision maker in the first place. And because he lacks empathy he isn't able to innately sense when the prospect is ready for the close and he might either push for the close to the first part of or wait too long and miss the window or opportunity.

Without the natural genius iq talents to support him, all of his arrived at talents will not take him to the 5th quality of performance, the genius level. What success he does achieve will be like that of the student in who difficult worth who struggles to get results. He may get them, but not easily, not passionately, not consistently and not without feeling like he has to put in a lot more effort as opposed to he becomes out in results.

Sometimes the reached talents play a large role in success, sometimes not, but the natural talents, in my experience, are always a monumental factor. Every role is different, as is any old customer who fills it, but the one thing we've learned in this poll is that without both natural and acquired talents making fully present, performance will be hindered. Every role, performed at genius levels, requires that the right natural talent be present.

The 5th number of performance (genius) is not viable to attain without making aware of your natural and acquired talents and relying on your usual talents for your genius iq success.

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