Genius IQ In Repetitive Writing Mind Technique And Power Visualization

To all genius iq readers..I hope you took the time to do the Ideal Day Generation technique mentioned in last article. In all due seriousness, it can take you a BIG leap forward in accomplishing your genius iq goals. Now, onto Mind storming technique ....I'll show you the big benefits of using genius iq in 'Repetitive Writing'.

Ughh ! Now stay with me here...

The Repetitive Writing mind technique is not as exciting as some of the other techniques, but its benefits far outweigh the ten minutes that it will take you to complete this task. Writing out your genius iq desires over and over again will further influence your subconscious mind , which if you haven't guessed by now is the KEY to achieving all your genius iq desires and dreams. All of them....Yes, all of them!

This mind technique takes aspects from Affirmation Imprinting (creating powerful, effective statements of your desired outcomes), Subliminal Messaging (flooding your subconscious mind every day with your desired outcomes) and Ideal Day Generation (unleashing the magic of writing down your thoughts and feelings).

where is my mind?

To experience the positive effects of hundreds and thousands affirmations flooding your subconscious mind every day you can check my article before...or if you dont have time to find, you can just grab to here guys.. < The Complete Guide To Genius IQ >checkbox . Like I said earlier, the actual process of writing down your statements will become boring very quickly. I urge you to do it anyway.

Is brushing your teeth fun? Hardly, but you do it anyway because you want your teeth to be and feel healthy (and to avoid the drill next time you visit the dentist!). It seems that mean old 3rd grade teacher ALMOST got it right....

She, like most people using affirmations, structured the statements incorrectly. She focused on the negative. Like when she told you to write the sentence "I will not talk in class" fifty times on the whiteboard. As you already know, the subconscious sees in images and can't visualize the word "not." In the example I just gave you, all it recognizes and "sees" are images of "I", "talk", and "in class."

The well-meaning teacher thereby "reinforces the exact opposite behavior than she had intended". And guess what happened the next day? You got in trouble for talking in class again! And how did the teacher discipline you? You guessed it. She had you writing those sentences again, unknowingly reinforcing your negative behavior!

As you know,Imagine having thousands of positive life altering affirmations flooding your subconscious mind every day? It's very powerful. So let's now put this information into practical application.


Mind map

STEP 1: Just Three...

Pick a maximum of three behaviors you would like to change. Ideally, you would want to work on just one first, until you started to see your intended desires materialize, before moving
onto other genius iq goals.

And if you really want to accelerate the process, pick the same genius iq goal as the one you are working on with your Affirmation Imprinting.

STEP 2: Meet the 3 "P's"

Make sure that your sentence is formatted properly. This is the exact same step you used when you created your affirmations. To recap, your sentence should be personal, positive, and present

STEP 3: A private book

Buy a spiral notebook. You will be using this to write your sentences in. Having a central place is much more effective than writing on whatever scrap of paper you happen to find. Sometimes you won't remember if you wrote your sentences out that morning or not. Having one place to look to find out will solve this.

Mind the hilly road...

STEP 4: Make your statement 'real'

Write the date at the top of the page and write your sentence over and over again on each line until it fills up the entire page. An average spiral notebook is between 25-30 lines per page side.
From personal experience I find this to be the perfect amount of times to write your sentence.

You will do this exercise first thing each morning, and then again just before going to sleep at night. Once your subconscious mind fully absorbs the statement you are trying to send it and provides you with the tools to make it a reality -- only then would you start with your next desired change!

** Remember: Repetition influences your subconscious mind - and influencing your subconscious belief system (with your desired outcome) is the golden *key* to reaching your genius iq goals and dreams. This is why subliminal messaging can have such a powerful - and unexpected impact on people's lives.

Okay now lets we move to about the Power Visualization mental technique, and how this relaxing exercise will empower you to attract greater Wealth, Love, and More into your life.

Actually, the term "visualization" is a misnomer. With this technique, you will be using MORE than just your visual faculties. When you do "Power Visualization" - besides seeing what you desire, you will also hear it, smell it, taste it, and feel it.

Whatever you think about most often, its automatically expands in your life.

Mind Wars

So if you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you will get more life experiences of not having enough money.

** Focusing on opportunities to make money will get you a thousand times further than worrying about the lack of it.**

But Power Visualization is more than just 'positive thinking'. It's about putting your genius iq mind and body in the ideal place first, and then flooding your subconscious with a colorful experience of life as you want it. The more relaxed you are, the more open your subconscious is to receive the messages you want to send it. And the more senses that you involve in your Power Visualization, the more of an impact it will have.

'SUPER-CHARGE' your emotions.

Let's say that you wanted to buy a new car. The meaning of a "new car" is too vague a term. What kind of new car do you want? You need to be absolutely specific.

mind map

So you don't want a new car.... You want a brand new, black 2008 BMW 535i sedan with dark gray interior and a 360 horsepower engine.

And once you have that decided, you're going to "Power Visualize" it.

=> You are going to SEE yourself walking up to it.

=> Your are going to FEEL how smooth and perfect the outer body feels.

=> You are going to get inside of the car, and SMELL the leather. You get the point.

Here's another important characteristic of the subconscious mind: it can't tell the difference between your outer world and your imagination.

...Meaning that if you visualize an event in great detail and with a lot of EMOTION, your subconscious mind will BELIEVE that it's really happening.

And the more times you practice Power Visualization properly, the more "real" it will seem to your subconscious.

This is key because once it believes your genius iq visualization to be a fact, it will feel tension when your current outer reality doesn't match up. It will then go your assistance by sending you genius iq ideas, opportunities and motivation to transform your outer world...Now that you understand how and 'why' genius iq Power Visualization works so well..


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