How To Become A Genius IQ Woman

Genius IQ will show YOU how to become a girl genius in this article. Its suitable for a female that include of girls and women. Rest assured, you don't have to wear big freaky Harry Potter-style glasses like Agatha Heterodyne to become a girl genius. What you do need to do is engage your genius iq brain in specific ways. This won't involve any frown-inducing mathematical puzzles (unless they turn you on). I won't ask you to read the complete works of Shakespeare (though you might love it). All you will be doing is getting the most out of your present genius iq mind.

So, you want to know how to become a girl genius iq? You want to be a bright spark, a live wire, someone who can change the world with their ideas and energy? How would you like to be seen as smarter and more powerful than all the men in your world? That's what's on offer, when you become a girl genius iq. You can take charge of your own life. Plot your own course. Create vast enterprises, earn billions of dollars, win worldwide respect or love. As a girl genius iq, YOU could change the world!

Never has the world needed YOU more. It is desperate for your creativity, ingenuity and cleverness. We need girls who can stand out and be different and unique. We need girls who can 'think out of the box' and become leaders and trend setters. As a girl genius you can set the fashions rather than follow them like sheep. As a girl genius you could be instrumental in saving the world from ecological disaster. You could be involved in brilliant research into how the body, mind and spirit functions, like neuro scientists Candace Pert or Susan Greenfield.

It used to be seen as nerdy to be bright and intelligent. But today girl geniuses are celebrated because they can achieve a lot. And success, achievement, accomplishment (and yes, the celebrity that comes with it) are what rule society today. I'm not saying that people like Oprah Winfrey or Martha Stewart or Estee Lauder are geniuses. But you've got to admit that they have used their genius iq brains well, to accomplish a lot of financial success and help a lot of people too.

Genius iq is generally associated with having a GENIUS-level high IQ. You'll be pleased to know that there is already one "girl genius" who claims to have the highest IQ in the world. That's a lady called Marilyn vos Savant. To become a real girl genius you'll need to boost your genius IQ, take an IQ test, and show the world that you too are a genius -- a girl genius!
How to become a girl genius -- 7 top tips

1. Auto-suggestion: your brain has plasticity. That means it can adapt and change. This is GREAT news! What it means is, no matter what your intelligence now, you can improve it. Even if you only have an IQ of 90, you could still double your IQ and become an outstanding girl genius. What does it take? Training! Just like anything else. One of the first things your training needs to overcome is a belief that you are not intelligent enough. So, what I want you to do is simple. Every morning when you wake up, grab your notebook or journal and write in it: I HAVE A GENIUS IQ. Write it over and over at least 10 times. And then when you are going to bed at night, write it down another 10 times. Do that for at least one whole month consistently, every day and night.

Bonus tip: You can record affirmations, save it into MP3 format and play them over and over on your iPod. The drip-drip affect of regular use will slowly and surely change your behavior! Once you think you HAVE a genius iq, you'll start to think like one!

2. Brain Music: in the Girl Genius comic series, the bright Sparks practice "Heterodyning". A sort of humming which enhances their mental powers. I'm sorry I haven't got any tricks like that. You can listen to brain music though. What's that? It's special sequences of sounds set into an audio track. When you listen to them, these sounds alter your brain waves and bring the different parts of your brain into alignment. It harmonizes your brain if you like. It's like getting a sports car engine tuned up.

Bonus tip: You can get a free IQ boosting brain audio track as a bonus with The Complete Guide To Genius IQ here The Complete Guide To Genius IQ .

3. Hyperfocus: one of the ways to enhance your genius is to develop your concentration. There are various ways to do this. You can push yourself to remain focused on your studies or work for the entire period. You can demand extra concentration of yourself. As soon as you do this, you will find plenty of opportunities to practice. To begin with, your mind might fight you. Don't believe me? Try something simple like meditating on your breath for 20 minutes. People who meditate a lot refer to the 'monkey mind'. That means the mind jumps around like a monkey into everything. Have you seen one of those nice mandala pictures? You can practice meditating (concentrating) on one of those. Also Nintendo DS games like Brain Training and Sight Training will help improve your ability to hyperfocus.

Bonus tip: Make sure you are getting Omega 3 oils (from fish or flax seed) in your diet so you can concentrate easily.

4. Invent Stuff: "Stupid is as stupid does," said Forrest Gump. Well, the opposite is true for geniuses: "Genius is as genius does." The thing that is going to define you as a girl genius is the ideas, products, designs and inventions that you come up with. Geniuses think up stuff! Now, you might create a fictional world like J.K. Rowling so brilliantly did for Harry Potter, or the complex societies that cartoon Genius Girl inhabits. You might think up new artforms like Tracy Emin. Perhaps you like to philosophize and will write like an Ayn Rand, author of 'Atlas Shrugged' and founder of the Objectivist movement. Or maybe you will design furnishings, fashions, buildings or technological gadgets -- can you improve on the iPod, for example? Young girls can stimulate their girl genius power by playing with science kits, lego, electricity sets, anything where you are building stuff and learning how things work and go together. You don't have to be a kid to play with and benefit from this stuff. Here's a superlearning tip for you: when you first start learning a subject, get the kiddies versions first. Go to the library and get out the kids' books on the subject. Buy yourself some kiddie toys like Mechano to learn how shapes go together.

Bonus tip: Learn to draw! Get into cartooning. This will help you make quick visual graphics of your ideas.

5. Bright Spark: to be a girl genius you need to express yourself well. This requires ENERGY! What is energy? It's passion, charisma, the X-Factor! Stand in front of a mirror and become like an actress. Teach yourself to speak dynamically and fiercely. Move your lips to over-express words you are speaking. Use flambouyant hand gestures. Notice the difference between how you are normally and this passionate, dynamic way of moving and expressing yourself. Which is more interesting? Which way captures people's attention more? C'mon I am not asking you to be a freakin' weirdo who can't control herself! I'm just saying put some bite and personality into your interactions with others. Stand up and be counted. SHOW the world your girl genius through your communications -- verbal, non-verbal and written! (Note: you may need to boost and take more care of your health in order to have the physical energy you need. RememberL a healthy mind in a healthy body!).

Bonus Tip: If you want to get really smart about this, study NLP.

6. Idea Capture: a girl genius like you needs to capture her brilliant ideas. Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. Or use a dictaphone to record your spoken thoughts. When you actually write down your thoughts, ideas, and observations, you let your brain know that ideas are important to you. Your mind is like a happy dog. It likes to have things to do for you. Ask it a question and it will try and look for the answer. Tell it you love it's ideas, and it will go searching for even better ones.

Bonus tip: Use mind maps to capture and explore your ideas!

7. Girl Genius Power Combined: Team up with other bright spark girl geniuses. When two or more minds come together on a common purpose, the thinking power grows exponentially. That means it's much bigger than the sum of it's parts! Look at the Spice Girls... rubbish on their own, but together they make a big impact. Not everyone is cut out for a solo career. You might work better in a team. Maybe you are strong in certain areas. You might be a girl genius at selling and marketing (communicating the brilliance of your idea or product) but suck at actually coming up with a product idea and getting it made. So you need to combine with another girl genius who is strong in the areas that you are weak. In the UK there are a lot of successful girl double acts, like French & Saunders (comedians), Trinny and Susannah (fashion advisors). Sometimes your greatest successes and achievements as a girl genius will come in partnership with others.

Bonus tip: Get together with your girlfriends and brainstorm ideas!

Bottom line: You've been reading how to become a girl genius. I would like to recommend that you accelerate the process of becoming a genius iq by taking a look at this new system that I have discovered. It teaches you how to train your genius iq mind. It tells you how you can scientifically boost your IQ and become a proper genius with an IQ of 180+ or more. How long does it take? Less time than it would take you to complete a college course. Less time than it would take you to complete a vocational training.

In fact, you can achieve permanent genius IQ status within as little as 3 months if you are already of slightly above average intelligence. Even if you are a complete dork you can still become a genius iq in about 12 months! Imagine it, people calling YOU a girl genius. If you are interested in becoming a girl genius using this new system, please click here for further information.
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